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NOTE: The usage of mobile devices, (including but not exclusive to smartphones, iPads, tablets, etc.) while generally accommodated, requires an extra level of attention by the user. You must ensure and document the receipt number generated once the transaction completes. Regardless of the device used to access this site, please document the receipt number.

If you choose to use the internet payment method, you will incur an additional processing fee. This additional fee is not part of the city fine nor does the city receive any of the fees, this is a fee imposed by the processing company to provide this service. You will see the amount of the additional fee before you finish the transaction. The processing fee is charged with each court case you process. Please review the fee before you finalize the payment, and discontinue the transaction if you do not wish to incur the additional amount.

Payments made online should be made well in advance of your scheduled court appearance date, and should reflect soon after you finalize your payment. If you submit a payment and do not receive a confirmation screen with a receipt number, please call the Municipal Court Clerk or contact the Online Payment Service Provider at 256-383-2198 with your payment.