Q: What if I paid my ticket on-line and the web site did not display a payment confirmation page (transaction ID)?

A: In rare instances there may be a delay in receiving a payment confirmation from our commercial credit card processor and the system may not be able to display the payment confirmation page (transaction ID). Please contact the court at the number listed beside the citation number field directly to confirm the status of your payment if that message is not displayed.

Q: What if I have a specific question or concern about my traffic ticket?

A: Call the court at the number listed on that court's link.

Q: Can I view all my traffic tickets with my plate or driver's license number?

A: Our on-line system does not allow a lookup by license plate number or driver's license number. You will need your citation number to lookup your ticket on the on-line system.

Q: What type of tickets can be paid through this on-line service?

A: A parking or traffic ticket (moving violation) issued by a court listed on our home page. You will need the citation number to view and pay your citation on-line.

Q: Can I pay a portion of the fine due now and the rest at a later time?

A: This online payment center can only process the total payment due.

Q: Can all tickets be paid through the on-line payment center?

A: NO, different court systems have different rules for on-line payment. The on-line system will let you know if your citation is eligible.

Q: What if I don't have a credit card?

A: On-line payment requires a VISA/MASTERCARD/American Express to use the payment option. Please refer to the back of the traffic ticket for alternate payment options.